Yetis at Clojure/north

May 18, 2019 by @devth

Yetibot core team members @kaffein and @devth had the privilege of meeting up in Toronto for the excellent Clojure/north conference over April 19 and 20!

Yetibot core members
Yetis @ Niagra Falls

At the conference @devth gave a talk on Yetibot "Growing a chatops platform and having fun with Clojure":

  • demonstrated core Yetibot features like expression composition, data behind pipes, xargs and aliases
  • live coded a new GitHub search feature to demonstrate typical development of new features
  • talked about the history of Yetibot and how it grew into an integral team culture-building tool
  • highlighted some of the ways that Clojure enabled the development of Yetibot

Feel free to discuss, leave feedback or ask questions on reddit or in the comments of this post!


Yetibot core members

Yetibot core members

Yetibot core members

Yetibot core members
CN Tower

Yetibot core members

Yetibot core members
Wisconsin along Lake Michigan

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