Yetibot Workshop @ eBay San Jose

March 26, 2019 by @devth

Yetibot Workshop

As part of eBay's internal Front End conference, @devth gave a "Contributing to Yetibot" workshop covering:

  • A demo of some of Yetibot's fun and useful features
  • Brief history of the project
  • Fundamentals of Yetibot usage:
    • Aliases
    • Expression composition via pipes
    • Values and Lists
    • Xargs
    • Data + render
  • Livecoding a new feature, adding forecast support to the existing weather command (resulting PR!) with the goal of showing off the amazing power of the Clojure language and the interactive development workflow

The audience consisted of FE engineers who had zero Clojure experience. During the livecoding session we went over some Clojure language basics.

To explain fundamentals, we deconstructed the alltemps alias, breaking it down to its individual pieces and testing each command in isolation.

This was a fun exercise, but to make it even more clear we're planning to build a front end component that, given an expression, visually breaks down the expression into its parts, showing the result of each command in the pipeline and the corresponding data behind them (follow along on #900).

Yetibot Stickers

We now have Yetibot stickers! Ping @devth (Slack, Twitter, etc) if you want one or three mailed to you!

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